What Is This Site and Why Should I Care?

the college brain

The college brain

Hi and welcome! Good question. Here at Conquer College, we know that entering college can be both a very exhilarating and very stressful time. We remember how anxious we felt going off to new and unknown places, where we had to make new friends and learn to live in entirely new places on our own for the first time.

It can be really scary. But it can also be really fun!

Why did we create this site?

We created this mainly because we thought we could help make teens like yourself more aware and excited about going to college, and perhaps take away a bit of that anxiety that we felt for ourselves as well. To learn more about us and what we aim to do here, please visit the About section. 

What can you do on this site? You can:

√ Browse fiction books about teens–like you–who are dealing with college

√ See nonfiction books that might prove useful in the dorms

√ Read booktalks about some books mentioned 

√ Watch movie clips and other media about being in college

√ Read our list of 15 Things Everyone Should Know About College (BEFORE Going!)

√ Check out tons more stuff and resources that we’ve compiled for you!

And if you’re a parent of a teen about to go off to school, or you know someone who might be in this boat, check back soon for our page for guardians and educators.